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The coastal areas of Southern California are known as the Rehab Rivera; in San Clemente and here in San Clemente, we find ourselves at Ground Zero for drug rehab houses for many of the same reasons we are here; we live in a beautiful city.  However, the explosion of 90+ drug rehab houses in our city is also the result of bad decisions by the city.    Unfortunately, I found myself at Ground Zero in San Clemente with a drug rehab house next door.   It took a lot of hard work but I fought for our street and my neighborhood; in the end we prevailed and they left.   I know the pain others  in our city endure with more than a dozen clients in a house meant for four or five, the excessive smoke, the disturbances, the loud noise and at times some very threatening behaviors.  The City Council has completely mismanaged the situation and after spending nearly $1m on litigation, they walked away claiming victory but subsequent to the settlement, even more drug rehab houses appeared in our neighborhoods.  

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