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San Onofre Nuclear Power Generating Station (SONGS)

The presence of nuclear material on our doorstep is unacceptable.  The removal of all nuclear material must occur in the immediate future.  The likelihood of a disaster might not be high but the consequence of such an event would be catasphrophic. Within 10 miles of SONGS, there are more than 100,000 human lives. Keep in mind, there is 3.55M pounds of spent nuclear material being stored nearly at the water line with an active fault but five miles away.  The problem is even more complicated because SONGS sits on federal property controlled by the Secretary of the Navy within San Diego County.  Our council needs to become even more  committed about the removal of this very troublesome situation. 


In the meantime, the city needs to become proactive on preparing for an emergency situation at SONGS. The questions that need to be understood by all citizens are; 1)  Who declares an emergency situation at SONGS?  2) How would that emergency be  communicated to the City?   3) What protocols exist at the City, County and State levels to handle such a situation?  & 4)  Are there plans and have there been drills to facilitate an emergency evacuation of the city?


In the final analysis, the nuclear material needs to be removed and while we are fighting that battle, we need to prepare for a worst case scenario.  Most importantly, the citizens of San Clemente need to be educated on what those plans are and how to respond to an emergency situation.   

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